Saturn has made his station, turning retrograde for the final time of this 26+ month sojourn through Aquarius. He has been traveling through Aquarius requesting a fresh level of awareness in this house of our personal and collective charts since December 21, 2020. That was when he conjoined Jupiter at 0° to launch the 20 year cycle of conjunctions in air signs for these two heavy hitters. The awareness that can come with a Saturn transit is in part about stepping us towards a fresher and deeper mastery. Saturn in Aquarius wants a greater awareness and mastery of how we as individuals interact with Life. Are we consuming more than we are contributing? Are we holding back a life changing idea by not speaking our truth? 🪐⬅️This Saturn retrograde will last until October 22 of this year. With any retrograde we are not being asked for a “one and done” change. Instead we are being asked to notice, then plan and finally take action after the station. Which in Saturn’s case is on 10/22/22. 6/6 🛡⚡️Pallas Athena sits in a Taurian council with Uranus at 16°, find the wisdom in revolution and strategize rebellion. 6/8 🌓👑The Moon in Libra spends a couple hours in opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Can the area of your personal chart that is experiencing the bounty and expansive view of the King of the Gods meet the expansion with an open heart? Sometimes it challenges us to live in grace. 6/10 📞💀Mercury in Taurus trines retrograde Pluto in Capricorn for the third and final time of this cycle. If you have been holding back from communicating a hidden truth about who you really are or what you deeply believe now is the time. 6/11 💐⚡️🛡Venus conjuncts Uranus at 16° Taurus with Pallas Athena looking on, they are seeking embodied belief and revolutionary receptivity. If you want to hear more about these transits and the rest of the month of June please join me on 6/6 at 11am central for the monthly forecast and a live chart reading! Details below!

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-06-06 01:00:10 UTC