"What if change is happening, and you do not want to change? Then do not change and see how that feels. Flowers and weeds grow in the same way. Growth happens as a natural part of Life. Whether you like the change or not, it cannot be stopped. Change is the way of things. To resist change is felt as pain or suffering. Flow with change, and the parts of it you do not like, see how you might adjust and take action to ensure more harmonious growth. Bend, flow, grow." Suzanne Giesemann Read this earlier today and wanted to share. Felt this was quite appropriate and aligned with the earlier post from @Shandell Pino (tower moments) and @Tim Walsh (death and rebirth) 😊 Accepting change, moving with the flow of a "death" moment in your life. Surrendering to ever flowing transformation. Seeing it all as a natural process. One that is always in service of you and your highest good, your highest growth and development. Maintain presence, awareness, and acceptance, and you'll find your ability to navigate challenging situations radically improve, and allow you to move through them with greater grace and ease.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-06-06 19:53:25 UTC