There's a new group in our community! Join Guide @Gila Nehemia in Self Love Daily! This group is here to bolster your self-love practice by empowering you to heal your relationship with your thoughts so you can experience more loving kindness towards yourself and others. Here's what you can expect from participating in this group: πŸ’“ New journal prompts 5 days a week. πŸ’“ An invitation to spend 5 minutes of sacred time writing whatever comes into your mind without any punctuation or order. πŸ’“ Connection to your higher self to receive messages and allow your emotions to flood through without holding back. πŸ’“ Be seen, witnessed, and heard without judgment πŸ’“ A sense of belonging among a group of other like-minded souls focusing on healing, forgiveness, compassion, and higher consciousness.

Posted by Guidely at 2022-06-06 21:45:45 UTC