A warm Guidely welcome to our new community members! Guidely Community is here to meet you where you are and support your journey of personal growth and self discovery. You’ve joined Guidely Community at a really exciting time - we’re hosting relationship experts Harville and Helen on Guidely’s virtual stage next Thursday and would LOVE if you joined us. Click the button below to learn more about the event and add it to your calendar. Here are the top three ways to start your journey with Guidely Community: Update your profile photo, username and profile fields! This will help other community members get to know and connect with you. Find the “Introduce Yourself” thread and say hello! There are some prompts in the group description that may be helpful. Join Groups! All of our groups are facilitated by an incredibly talented team of Guides and provide the space for more intimate conversations and connection to take place. To learn more about Guidely Community please select “Start Here” in the side menu. For information about using the app, please select “App Support” in the side menu. If you’d like 1:1 support in getting to know the app or to create a personalized plan, please send @Hannah a message! Thank you for being a part of our community 🙏 @Jeanne @believe14348 @tiffany.marlink @sylcouch @landonluv @Vampnoir @cindychanin @LaraKL @jessicamaddin @bullzoie @miem15 @spicyshellshell @duclae13 @jennypoirier1970 @lsmith36912 @michellesalzr @1rubenyanezjr @mmcdonal @muzzarox @kep54 @summerdiebel @llee68859 @viridianazazueta86 @htrail99 @gma.1994.315 @Linda S @kezball2135 @57wowman @maryannkornely @hislediane @sharmelallen89 @Kelleyzinho @sagemoon33 @pthieringer @robinsonjewell368 @burtpatti05 @key.catz @Mswartergaylord @greenfieldhunter666 @mccoym1 @alaaalkadri10 @dmwood555 @donna.d.reen @curtandjenny @joshuamartin351 @pennyloper1 @dragonsoup93 @uniquewoman111 @ida @jlavender5205 @briancaves82 @asteltzer @atgraczyk @salvadormendoza @alaskadebbie @sandysmallwood775 @clearestgem1 @raffidelic @dameadvise @tracydrake68 @tmiller020865 @rjh53164 @sacredvibetarot @handsomelover627 @mwalker @jujumcdonald9 @rlewis2948 @ageejoyce56 @Hermyy.HD @dianetwin1 @heather.hess.hulse @bibimcdonald @Kc252629 @jamielcyphers @Josie.stamper @ptstjohngirl1 @kimsmith72117 @maria.gina @ramey.kathy615 @Kim Sedgwick @dcvwk1955 @abmd @lyricaljoys @ruallaru @evandrea10 @Bill @lexi211266 @Christina.zausch @blwinters1954 @Will Miller @grettaaneasa88 @khadija.c.johnson @dianafsteve @unstoppable246969 @maarb612 @tharrigan7748 @yogacentralstudio @Jkennedy3527 @Cornelia @Birgitta @brossornelas @Autotinky @nbrb1993 @nativelives54 @lauren.sales1961

Posted by Guidely at 2022-06-08 20:11:12 UTC