🙃 Something that came up this morning in my writing that I'm sharing with you here because it's been PROFOUNDLY useful in helping me shift and in keeping me centered and grounded: Continually repeat the words "thank you" throughout your day REGARDLESS of what happens! (hence the name: Project Thank You😉) I'm not going to enumerate all the incredible mood boosting, immune boosting, physical, mental and spiritual health benefits of a gratitude practice. No, many of you here already know a lot of those things. But this is not a simple gratitude practice where you bring to mind those things you feel most grateful for either, no. This is a complete state change. Gratitude not as a practice, but a state of being. For the next 48 hours, I want you to see what it FEELS like to simply move through your day consistently repeating "thank you" to every-thing and every-one. Morning coffee, thank you. Late to work, thank you. Sunny day, thank you. "I love you" text from your partner, thank you. Flat tire, thank you. Long line at the register, thank you. Our myopic narrow scope of vision does not allow us to see the trillions of different spinning parts in the totality of all reality at any given time. We lack the purview of the full picture and get so caught up in judging each and every individual moment as "good" and "bad." But what if we simply said "thank you" to it all? Firstly, it immediately removes any judgement of any person or situation (again, we can only see and know so much). It all just "is." Secondly, it keeps us ever in the present moment. And what a great practice to have "thank you" be your anchor, no? We know how important a mindful and aware state can be and how easily we tend to shift into the past or future. Continually thanking the present moment will HOLD YOU THERE. Thirdly, it removes any kind of resistance to whatever situations come up. Saying "thank you" no matter what happens, even a flat tire, takes us OUT of a state of ruminating on the metaphorical flat tire (in whatever form that takes for you) and wishing it weren't so (which robs us of tremendous mental, emotional resources) and actually allows us to ACCESS SOLUTIONS far more readily. It also keeps us constantly connected to our environment, to the people in it, to ourselves. And makes it that much easier to live with the assumption and expectation that really, the universe IS constantly acting in our favor and our highest good. And you know? It just feels great. So for the next 48 hours (and on I hope!), say "thank you," and observe how it shifts your perception, your interactions, and your overall experience of your day 😊

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-06-08 20:46:07 UTC