I've worked at the frontline of health and personal development for over 40 years, conducted over 50,000 one-on-one consultations, and unflinchingly helped people deal with some of life's toughest challenges. All of which I'm super proud of. However, what I am most proud of is something different. What I'm most proud of is that when I'm poorly, I rest and look after myself well, even though that means I can't help others like I usually do. For anyone in the caring space or with the same Earth Energy temperament as me, learning the difference between Giving & Sacrifice can be a tough one to master. Here's me sitting in the garden after weeks and weeks of being very poorly. Of course, I'm not looking my best, but it's good to be up and about again. What have you done well, or are you proud of? Let me know and make me smile as I sit resting. I'd like that ❤️

Posted by Nicholas (Nick) Haines at 2022-06-11 08:26:08 UTC