Tell us about the type of person that makes you excited to show up, grateful to hold space, and humbled to witness. Tagging all Guides here - check out each other's profiles and connect in "Guidely Guides" if it serves you! @christian @Trish Rock @barchi.fojkar @Genea Barnes @revitalcoach @JonahLisa @Charles Jones @Connector Coach Froswa’ @Joanne-CS @alliedenicola @Lisa Barnett @Ulrika Sullivan @Amiee Elizabeth @Gigi Jantos @Denise Sutter Nourish Coach @Dina Tibbs-Soul Guide @Brooke @Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide @DrHicks @Leanne - Grief Doula Guide @soulfulmessenger @Your Out-Of-Your-Box Guide @Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide @karenmillsalston @Nicholas (Nick) @Nishkam @Anil @Komala Rohde @kenjisblisszone @Deryn Higgins - Guide @thepursuitguru @Jerome Imhoff

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