My Dad gave me the greatest gift anyone could give. He believed in me. When he started his own business at 50, I spent several years working with him and was blessed to observe how he treated everyone equally, advocated for the underdog and acted with integrity. He was loving kind and caring, though never a pushover. He encouraged me every step of the way. When I found myself in the deepest holes (there were many) he was there to pull me out and encouraged me to get back on the horse. I often stretched his devotion to me with my rebellious behavior. He used to jokingly say I was a rebel without a clue.. And I know he admired me for beating to my own drum. When he drove me to the airport as I was leaving Ireland for America, we both cried our eyes out. He knew how to laugh and was not afraid to cry. An exceptional and extraordinary man & father who lived and died out on his own terms. His legacy is an ever growing family who are lovingly connected, enjoy each other’s company and have each other’s back no matter what. What more can you ask for ? Love you Dad. 💕♥️🌞

Posted by Paula Jennings at 2022-06-19 23:27:57 UTC