Hey Guidely Community, happy Wednesday! It's time to welcome our new members - we'd love for our Guides and members to chime in the comments section - what would you recommend a new member do to get involved and feel supported in Guidely Community? Let us know 💬 If you're looking for personalized, 1:1 support in addition to the resources available in Community, please book a complimentary matching session with our co-founder, @Shannon, to get matched with the perfect Guide for your current life circumstances and goals. Click "Book Now!" to learn more and get started! Welcome to your new home for whole-self healing, @lafrazier080 @clue_remains @summerssteven153 @Conyreal @bigsmilescreativeworx @escobaradan36 @jmacrocks @ronny @jm9176141 @campbellronniee @hollyreidorchid44 @jessica.freeman @Audrey @manismisty4 @livinginthesacred @tatitaytay @terraannpartin777 @Nikki♡︎ @monica.diver1 @chadjamerson12 @vickie.peacock57 @purnell82kenneth @alyssaarhdy @marthamaller107 @ernathor @tracysharpe50 @scottsnidersr @christopher.ferny @shahediam @Katydid @larry1378 @bigbearperry1970 @beth51 @Noam @johngollinger93 @michelle.hark @trannhung123 @chinle44 @csw_designs @powerjosh774 @hippychick6 @amy84 @scottloe @heathermacsong @laurienharvey @debbieann1111 @karmasolh @glojohbig @asaundersgeorges @greentara14@yahoo.com @ancachiparus24 @danielvalenzuelaaz @stevengibson992003 @lkl5717008 @sharimarie74 @joseizquierdo877 @divinejrny @Melissa Moore @mooremeli @oldred43 @don.h65 @CEEcee @ashleykch839 @joannocera2000 @jonesnnaomi8 @anu22530 @stephanelaurent96 @Zainab @paigesmoles @SarahAtAronsen @Teresa @lronkali42 @emilyon009 @Todd Yarter @Shal @osnat @Noelle @darrylcallum7 @christine @JP’ @alwaysonline456 @weisepat64 @huipeter @mitchellgatewoo9 @dorina @AlainaJGN @catalina.fern @rsruler @Ahimsa @Jacqueline @ladranexoxo @Lora @janet @Melanie Stanton @hannahmariex2021 @lindsaykboyce @GlendaLea @mikehu44 @annmarieellishernandez @pugsly9292 @reedrebecca587 @Stevenson60 @jesus @mifsl @oogaboogarandy @kuba @BeeJay @weisenbargerkay @justinedaily56 @scott @Jrsides7 @Kowen6765 @eassmy @labdiva5451 @dunhopp @cordtsvanessa @Summer @drodrgz0710 @bondpharmd @michaelhickman1968502 @emilyhbelt @MaryAnne @agathamartineau @ransdellsara79 @thompsonalvin001 @olsonmichelle852 @leblancnikkia21 @Johnnymcclennan @marioalexanderesquer @Lcbeharry @phillipscarsonmichelle @rb510.rr @mthomasbrantley @paulo714 @dannymenapace7 @andremiloslavich @billyrucker53 @pattyday6 @josephfvitale @garcia88lisa @adinaschrader43 @korynewman33 @tarvinjimmy89 @shamarquisbush4 @tammytini38 @soulless1983

Posted by Guidely at 2022-06-22 20:32:57 UTC