Happy Monday Guidely Family! My weekend was full of that which nourishes me deeply, it was so fitting for Cancer Season. How was your weekend? The Moon has officially entered the New Moon state, officially she will peak late on Tuesday in her home sign of Cancer. To learn more about what a “home sign” is join me in the Archetypal Astrology group to learn that and more. This lunation comes with all the feels one can expect from Cancer season and even more as tomorrow is a busy astrological day. Let’s have a look at what is happening this week in the cosmos… 6/27 💥Mars conjunct Eris in Aries at 24°, as these siblings meet up in the sign of Cardinal Fire how can we access the ignition of Eris’ fierce grassroots activism? 6/28 🌊⬅️Neptune will kicks things off by stationing retrograde in the very early morning, take note of your dreams they may hold portents for you. ☀️👑The Sun in Cancer will square with Jupiter in Aries at 7°, this could feel sticky if there is a struggle to recognize that opportunities for expansion come when the obstacle is illuminated. 🌑The Cancer New Moon finds it exactitude at 9:05pm to 11:06pm central time, meaning that the Sun and Moon are degree to degree matched. New moons are often seen as a time of Sacred Union and this new moon happens with the Moon in her home sign. Feel all the feels. I know there is plenty to feel right now. A warrior needs to enter the battle with a clear heart, unified with the head. 🌑🐍The Moon will finish the day by conjoining Black Moon Lilith, a point that brings the energies of all Dark Goddess energy together. The Dark Goddesses stand for Truth, Equality, and Liberation from oppression. 6/30 ☀️🐍Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Cancer illuminating even further the ways in which we could do better in our pursuit of Truth, Equality and Liberation. How does it feel to be denied those things? 🌑While the Moon trine the South Node brings up the feels that can come with letting go of the old way of being, there are SO much support all around us. Reach out. 7/1 💥💀Mars in Aries squares off with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn today, this can be an ignition point to access deeper parts of Self. Pluto is whispering in your ear, “there is more”. 7/2 📞🪐🌊Mercury in Gemini creates the same aspects as the Sun did on June 16. While the Sun illuminated, Mercury brings the messages. Accessing reality with a supportive trine to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, and a square to (now) retrograde Neptune in Pisces, which can feel like conflict for those not prepared to face disillusion. I want to simply remind every one that astrology is a language and when learning any new language it takes time and questions, so please ask away! I promise that if one of you has a questions there are others that do as well. Registration to join my July Women’s Circle is open, Discovery calls are available. Reach out, introduce yourself! I love hearing for you! https://app.guidely.com/en/amieee

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-06-27 16:26:50 UTC