Infuse the world, each and every moment, with the intent to spread love. Imagine for a second opting to make that your purpose. Bringing that with you to any gathering, any community, any job/career, and family environment. We so often hear it said, "leave the world a better place than how you find it." I like to expand that to say, "leave it a more loving place than how you found it." And why love? The chemistry of the body shifts. Brainwave activity is altered. Changes in hormones and immune functions occur on a systemic level. It's so incredibly neuroprotective and does wonders for helping regulate the nervous system. And. It. Just. FEELS GOOD. Do something nice, a small genuine gesture of love or act of service (even holding the door for someone), and I challenge you not to feel worlds better and see how your entire day and mood shift. Try to be in a state of love and argue with another. Try to be in a state of love and discriminate, separate; hold anger or jealousy inside. Try to be in a state of love and do anything other than care for and support; hold compassion and understanding. Try to be in a state of love... and not feel whole. Why wouldn't we want to spread that to others? On a collective level, imagine what that could look like. It's not much at first glance, but even an ounce more of love in the world shifts it all towards a more positive state. Make it your intention. No need to be grandiose. A smile to every face you see. Do that, and I promise it will have been a life truly spent making waves.

Posted by Tom - NeuroArkitect Guide at 2022-06-29 20:00:32 UTC