So I had a nightmare that I believe was sleep paralysis. I've had hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations since I was probably 4 or 5 years old with seeing spiders that weren't there. Now this as described in my dream. Also after I woke up I had felt a spider, daddy longleg /cellular spider on me. I'm not sure of it was real or just one of my hallucinations. At just before 3:45am I was in a bit of a weird dream that seemed so real. Things were ok seemed normal. Not sure what me and my husband were doing but we were in the kitchen. I think we were looking for stuff to bathe the dog and lil man some face wash or something. Yea that part was weird, we usually just wash lil man's face with a washcloth and water. Plus it was like I bathe the dog with something other than dog shampoo because my husband asked what I use first for her. Well during that, we here a big truck. Sounded like a rig, that was gonna come right through the house so we left the kitchen and went to the back bedroom. Next thing I know is we're in the bedroom we sleep in and I had thought my husband was sitting by lil man washing his face all while I was having a very difficult time closing our bedroom door. No matter what I did something was forcefully pushing against me to keep it open. My husband was no where to be found. No one was at the door. I kept pushing with all my might. I look up and we had one of those chain lock things on the door that would usually be on a front door not a bedroom. Anyway it was bent back and vertical, which freaked me out even more. At that point I was still trying to shut the door and lock it with the regular lock while saying NO NO NO!!!!! As I start to wake up, I feel like I can't breathe or move as if I'm still trying to shut the door. Then I open my eyes and realize it was a bad dream and my husband and lil man are fine and laying here in the bed with me. I was shaking a lil when I woke up too.

Posted by CharismaticAngi at 2022-07-03 20:53:14 UTC