Amiee built a bodywork business centered around helping people learn to trust the messages of their own amazing, wise physical bodies. Massage therapy, movement, Craniosacral therapy, shamanism, astrology, Somatoemotional release, energy work, the Akashic Records, and storytelling are a natural fit to integrate full system healing. These things freed Amiee from her own pain, and she knew she could use them to help others. Amiee works with clients through the full integration of The Five Bodies; Spirit, Energy, Emotion, Mental and Physical. The Emotional Body is our feeling self - the sad, mad, glad, scared self, housed in the heart space. The Mental Body is our head space and often the “safest” space - the seat of the cold logic self. The Energy Body is a quantum self, an understanding of the electrical self that animates the Physical Body (or what she often calsl the “meat suit”). The Spiritual Body is that connection both to the deep inner wisdom and the force outside of us that is huge, all-knowing and has our back. It is the integration of the Five Bodies that creates such intense change for her clients. Amiee is humbled to witness the freedom and expansion her clients find through integrating The Five Bodies and understanding how wisdom from sources like astrology and the Akashic Records can inform our life path. To work with Amiee, join us for the premium group coaching experience "Release, Listen & Manifest" This incredible offer is included in our premium membership, to participate in this experience & so much more - click “Unlock Premium”

Posted by Guidely at 2022-07-09 12:55:40 UTC