Join us for a powerful 3 week premium community coaching experience hosted by our incredible Guides Amiee Elizabeth and Jerome Imhoff. Release, Listen, Manifest will empower you to: 💫 Understand how to leverage the astrological climate to create lasting change in your life 💫 Release beliefs and patterns that keep you from your full potential 💫 Establish a trusting relationship with your wise inner voice 💫 Manifest with precision 💫 Develop a reliable, cyclical process to utilize when transformation is needed 💫 Connect with others in a process of transformation Week 1 - identify & release “old” ways of being that keep you stuck Week 2 - listen deeply and rise to accept the “new” version of yourself Week 3 - take the new version of yourself into the world 🌟 This incredible offer is included in our premium membership, to participate in this experience & so much more - click “Unlock Premium”

Posted by Guidely at 2022-07-07 12:55:41 UTC