Hi Peeps, I've spent the last couple of months putting together some content for a new course called Energetic Superpowers and Heroic Actions, which I'm launching first on Guidely. One of the components is looking at flow and adaptation to new circumstances, especially when it's forced upon you or unforeseen. I'm meant to be in Italy for a week's holiday, but I've ended up on the Essex coast! Still a lovely place but not what I'd expected or planned! So, I guess I'll have to leave it to this cheeky chap to be heroic and stop the leaning tower of Pisa from falling over! TBH, I'm even more excited about sharing this new content with you. Energetically, we're being asked to adapt a lot at the moment. What has the world given you to explore, and how are you doing?

Posted by Nicholas (Nick) Haines at 2022-07-07 11:02:28 UTC