✨ This Weeks Energy ✨ KUTHUMI CLOAK OF wisdom Knowledge is learned. Wisdom is remembered. You are in a real cloak of wisdom now. Like Kuthumi you have been on a wandering path, trying to find answers through study and the insights of others, but now you are uncovering the truth of your own soul. Your soul is leading the way and you are being encouraged to follow. The fog is clearing. The light has come and it is shining on you. Your soul is saying yes - it's your cheerleader. Follow it and trust the endless wisdom within you. Go, go, go! Kuthumi (pronounced Koot-humi) is an ascended Master who appears as a well-dressed Indian man with a golden aura. Many believe he was a wandering man, known as a rishi in India, dedicated to walking the path of spirit with very few material possessions. Others believe him to have been a well-educated Sikh spiritual leader who was given a pseudonym to protect his true identity. I believe that he lived a high life but, through spiritual practice, was able to let go of his need for material possessions. Now he helps lightworkers go beyond the limits set by others and cultivate a personal connection to God.

Posted by Shandell Pino at 2022-07-11 14:12:54 UTC