⭐️We have passed the half way mark, saying good-bye to the first half of 2022 and entered the second half of this year. ⭐️There is an energetic call inviting us into a higher frequency, a more expansive state. Can that feel scary? Yep. Can that create closure and contraction? Yes. ❤️The challenge is to open the heart widest when it wants to close. Feel yourself first, all of you and then reach for compassion. Compassion for yourself and then compassion for everyone and everything else. ⭐️Astrology is an invitation to utilize and work WITH the energies. They are present either way, so we can can work them or they will work us. If you want to dive deeper join me in the Archetypal Astrology group, register for my Women’s Circle or schedule a personal chart reading. ⭐️Here are the aspects happening in the cosmos that pulled at my attention for this week. 7/11⚖️💛Nemesis in Pisces square retrograde Magdalene in Sagittarius. Divine Union is a balancing act that requires the cutting away of that which does not serve the Highest as we dissolve into the mystical Truth of unity. To achieve this we must not only recognize the difference between our personal truths and mystical Truth, we must achieve a Divine Union within. 7/12☀️🧭The Sun in Cancer trines the South Node in Scorpio while sextile the North Node in Taurus. This shines a light on what we can release for the first time or on a deeper level while expanding our creativity in moving towards the destiny that is our True North. ☀️🌸The Sun conjoins Persephone in Cancer showing us that innocence can be held along side of death, release and transformation. 💐🪐Venus in Gemini trines with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius late in the day, she highlights the value in the new and innovative potential of what we could be building. 7/13🌕♑️The full Moon in Capricorn peaks at 1:37pm central time while Venus in Gemini squares off with Neptune, the Moon is trine the North Node and the Sun is trine Juno. There is a potency with the Nodes so involved in this pregnant Moon. This marks a moment of moving towards releasing that potency into the world. 7/14📞🍎🧭Mercury conjunct Lilith in Cancer and trine the South Node in Scorpio. Mercury is the messenger and in combination with Lilith there is a demand for the deep listening to our inner wisdom and incredible support around releasing that which holds us apart from equality. 7/16📞☀️Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun today, for an event called Cazimi. The angels will sing their messages with clarity, so listen closely at 2:37pm central time with a +\-4 hour window on each side. If you can plan to meditate or drop in during the peak, DO IT!!😉 7/17💐🦀Venus moves into the watery realm of Cancer today asking us to value what we feel without allowing it to drive the bus. 📞🌊Mercury in Cancer trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces, listen deeply. Are there messages being fed or consumed that are simply illusions? Apply your heart wisdom to dissolve them.

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-07-11 16:31:00 UTC