What do releasing, listening, and manifesting have in common? They’re all themes in our upcoming 3 week premium community coaching experience hosted by our incredible Guides @Amiee Elizabeth and @Jerome Imhoff Release, Listen, Manifest will empower you to: 💫 Understand how to leverage the astrological climate to create lasting change in your life 💫 Release beliefs and patterns that keep you from your full potential 💫 Establish a trusting relationship with your wise inner voice 💫 Manifest with precision 💫 Develop a reliable, cyclical process to utilize when transformation is needed 💫 Connect with others in a process of transformation Week 1 - identify & release “old” ways of being that keep you stuck Week 2 - listen deeply and rise to accept the “new” version of yourself Week 3 - take the new version of yourself into the world This experience includes two live group coaching calls with Amiee and Jerome and daily interaction in the group to keep you accountable and connected. This community coaching experience is available for premium members only. Not a premium member yet? Activate your 14-day free trial today to join the group and participate in this incredible offer!

Posted by Guidely at 2022-07-15 00:55:16 UTC