Gender stereotypes are everywhere. They constantly assume who you are, what matters to you, and how you'll show up in the world 🙈 The common representation of these ideas is held within the notion of Feminine and Masculine Energy – an idea that determines the dominant nature, values, and behavior of each gender, without regard to advocates claiming we have both energies ⚖️ From the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese civilizations, right through to the modern-day practices, traditions, and conventions, the idea of Feminine and Masculine Energy was a social construct promoted to subdue women and give men the right to rule and decide. Don't be fooled by the idea that Feminine and Masculine Energy is a liberating force for women, a method to reclaim what it is to be a man, or a way to understand each other 🤝 Join Guides Nicholas Haines & Rúna Magnúsdóttir for an interactive conversation around this topic next Tuesday, July 19th! 💫💕

Posted by Guidely at 2022-07-15 18:11:59 UTC