I woke this morning and my heart space is simply achy, it aches all around. The back and front, higher and lower all are feeling heavy and dense. I research the weekly astrology on Sundays so that I am present with the energies. I WANT to feel the feels and be fully present as this means I am listening to the messages. There are weeks that it ends up being harder than others. @Jerome Imhoff left a reminder that the releasing can be uncomfortable and how there can be a desire to slide out of the discomfort right into the next stages. I want to second his invitation to stay in the discomfort as there is the potential to alchemize spiritual gold here. If you are not part of the Releasing, Listening and Manifesting event/group I want to invite you to get signed up as we will be closing the container tomorrow. Now…this week’s astrological weather. 7/18 📞💀Mercury in Cancer opposes retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. There is a tension of opposites here as the messenger is listening to the Divine Mother and top down toxic masculine authority receives an invitation to listen more deeply to why it wants to maintain Her suppression. ☀️🌊The Sun in Cancer creates a supportive water trine with retrograde Neptune in Pisces highlighting the willpower and drive of the feminine to re-imagine a world in which it is honored and fully welcomed. 7/19📞🦁Mercury enters Leo, shifting the energy from the deep listening of Cancer into the showmanship of Leo. In the shadow this energy can be that of a dictator limiting our experience to fit their own and in the light it can help us get in touch with our inner sovereignty. ☀️💀The Sun is shining in the mastery degrees of Cancer oppose retrograde Pluto in Capricorn illuminating the deep power found when we embrace our differences rather than seek to erase them. 🧔🏾‍♂️🌗Chiron stations retrograde conjunct the Moon in Aries, reminding us of the bravery it takes to turn towards our core wounds. This is an emotional process that ignites our healing if we can release what we use to hold ourselves back. 7/20 🦂⚖️Isis in Cancer trine Nemesis in Pisces brings our attention to the balance of cutting away what no longer serves us as an opportunity for the re-membering of what does. 7/22☀️🦁The Sun enters Leo, so happy birthday to all the Leo folks out there! The energy of Leo is fixed fire, an outward moving energy of expression to follow the nourishment of Cancer season. 🌘🪐The Moon in Taurus squares with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius asking us not to allow the fear of change to slow down the innovative structure we are able to build. 7/23📞👑Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries is supporting the messages of transformation that we have to share. It may be a message we hold inside or one we shout from the rooftops. Just know that if it is in your highest good and full of grace it will be received. 7/24☀️🦂The Sun conjoins Isis in Leo illuminating the Divine Feminine Sovereign in each and every one of us.

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-07-18 17:45:02 UTC