Hi friends! I just got out of an amazing session with @Nicholas (Nick) Haines and @Runa Magnus on the topic of masculine and feminine energies. It was a fabulous topic and conversation, and I'd love to open this post for more conversation! I was joined live by the fabulous @StephanieG, @Tim Walsh, and @Amir Glogau - if any of you have follow up thoughts I'd love to hear them in this thread! Here are a few questions to contemplate & respond to - What is your perception of masculine and feminine energies? How do you think gendering these energies has impacted us societally? Would you feel more liberated or less liberated in a world without gendered expectations? How have you been personally impacted by societal expectations of masculine and feminine energies? Guides Nick & Rúna are offering this experience monthly, we encourage you to join us next time! To be the first to know about the next event and to continue the conversation, join Nick and Rúna's group "Living with Masculine and Feminine Energies" found in the "Groups" tab within the expanded menu. See you there!

Posted by Hannah at 2022-07-19 17:09:35 UTC