The new moon happens once every month and is said to be the best time of month to plant seeds of intention 🌱 Traditionally, the two weeks between the new moon and full moon is a time of intention setting and manifestation; and the two weeks between the full moon and new moon is a time of reflection on those intentions and release of that which does not serve your desired manifestations. Think of the light of the moon as fuel for your intentions - as the light grows from this new moon to August’s full moon, so does the potency of your intention 🌙 We’d love to invite you to take a few moments to look ahead to the month of August. What would you like to manifest in the coming month? Use this community as a place to set your intentions and check in on your progress. We are here to support you! See you in the comments :) To learn more about how the astrological climate can impact your life, join Guide @Amiee Elizabeth’s group “Archetypal Astrology” for incredible insights and updates; and be sure to join us live for a August Astrology Forecast next Tuesday! Looking to dive deeper into your personal astrology chart? Book a 1:1 with Amiee, you won’t regret it! 💖

Posted by Guidely at 2022-07-28 20:11:15 UTC