Monday we stood at the entrance to the portal of the Lion’s Gate. As of today, we have crossed the threshold into the portal. While the 8/8 Lion’s Gate date is a new age concept the portal itself is ancient. Join me in the Archetypal Astrology group to learn more! 7/25💐👑 Venus is Cancer squares off with Jupiter in Aries proving that too much of a good thing is, well…still too much. Watch for ways in which over-indulgence happens. 7/26🦁The Lion’s Gate portal opens as we align with Sirius, the Spiritual Sun. Now is a time of listening for what is aligned with Love. 💐🌑🐍Venus and the Moon conjunct today, bringing us to the 7th Gate of the descent journey with Inanna to the Underworld. This happens conjunct Black Moon Lilith adding to the potency as The Gate of Manifestation is opened and we pass through stripped bare of our vestments. 7/28🌑🦁👑New Moon in Leo peaking at 12:55pm CT, then a few hours later the Moon will trine Jupiter in Aries. All new Moons are ideal times to be in the dark interior of self to listen for what it is time to plant, Jupiter’s involvement with this moon is bringing in expansive support to whatever we plant. Be wise in what you are planting right now, listen closely so you are planting from Love. 7/29📞🧭Mercury in Leo will create a T-square with The Nodes bringing in heart based messages about the choice we are constantly making to either stay comfortable and in the known (South Node) to live out our Fate or move towards the unknown and expand ourselves (North Node) while following the call of our Destiny. 7/30⚡️🧭Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus, while these two meet every 15 years the last time (March 31, 2007) was in Pisces. They have not met in Taurus since March 16, 1855 which was a year that some birthed revolutionary changes. 💥🗡Mars and Kali conjunct a degree away from the North Node and Uranus bringing the passion and ignition to cut away and remove that which is no longer in the Highest Good. 7/31☀️👑The Sun in Leo is trine retrograde Jupiter in Aries this fire trine is illuminating the expansion possible when we surrender to the fires of transformation. We are held. We are loved. Our essence calls for growth and expansion shedding old, out of date ways of being. If you want to learn more I want to again invite you to the Archetypal Astrology group where I deep dive into each aspect throughout the week teaching you to ride the energy waves.

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-07-26 14:30:00 UTC