Lammas Blessings! Euro-Pagan traditions include eight festivals a year, some based on the progress of the Sun, and some focused on a Lunar calendar; all are in keeping with a focus on synchronizing human activities for the most abundant results from field and forest, as well as for keeping hope of life alive in dark and cold times. For Guidely's Sacred Space Creatives, these nature-based stops in the calendar can be a great way to celebrate our relationship with the seasons and reconnect with ancestral practices. Lammas, or Lughnasadh is the first harvest as the food starts to run out from last year. Lugh is a Celtic warrior deity whose loyalty and power over the beings of the Otherworld to keep them from taking the harvest, among other adventures, have made him famous, particularly in Ireland. Here in Oregon, we harvest summer apples and blackberries, also plums, oh, and the hens are laying. I'd love to know what's ripening where you are! To read more of the story and get some great questions to contemplate for the energies of this time, join us over at the Sacred Space Creatives Guidely group.

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2022-08-02 00:14:50 UTC