Happy Monday Community! The messages may be coming in fast this week. Keep in mind they are arriving in parts and pieces, Divine Timing style. The Messenger of the Gods continues to curate the information, the benefics meet up and Mars lands in Gemini for the next 7 months. 8/16📞⚡️Mercury in Virgo wants to hear what the genius of Uranus has to share about the revolutionary changes that are in store here in the 3rd dimensional realm. The invitation to up-level is consistently present. Both 4th and 5th dimensional living is on offer. 8/17📞👸Mercury in Virgo finds himself across the sky from Juno as she retrogrades through Pisces, she is revisiting messages about our soul contract with the collective. Can we listen this time? 8/18💐👑Venus in Leo lands in a fiery trine with retrograde Jupiter in Aries. This expansive and supportive meeting of the benefics remind us that loving more is always the right answer and love starts with ourselves. How are you able to transform to uncover deeper self love? 8/19🐍🌅Black Moon Lilith conjuncts the fixed star Sirius today. While the Ancient Spiritual Portal may have closed on August 12th we are in a time of harvesting the freedom that comes when the chains that limit us are seen. Freedom can not be achieved when we refuse to see the ideas and belief systems that keep us in armor. 8/20💥♊️ Mars moves into Gemini for an extended 7 month stay. Pay attention to the places you feel the desire to take action in your life. 📞🌊Mercury in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces. The nature of an opposition is Saturn. These two players sit as far away from each other as they can in the room, this can create space. It can also create a compression as the tension in the space builds. Neptune is revisiting things that happened earlier this year, can Mercury act to purify the message? 8/21💐🦂Venus and Isis meet up in Leo for a heart felt chat addressing the importance of self-worth and self love in the reclaiming of personal sovereignty. I will be diving more deeply into these aspects in the Archetypal Astrology group, so I want to invite you to join me there!✨✨ A butterfly from my recent Mystery School event for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-08-15 15:25:49 UTC