Happy Tuesday, Guidely Family. I've missed you! Wherever you are in the world, a ray of light beams just for you. I just returned from Ohio, where I spent the last weeks of my father's life here on earth. One morning, tired and achy from sleeping in a hospital chair, I stared out of the hospital room window. The skies were still somewhat dark, and trying to focus my eyes on the stale parking lot and some roads; I was deeply sad that I knew I'd soon be without a physical connection to my dad. He was 95, strong, and wise, but he contracted Covid. My dad grew up in the great depression and understood what it was like being raised in an impoverished time. So, he made it his mission to be a man of service to those he knew and loved, and those he didn't know well at all. As I reflected on his life, I was overcome by a swirl of emotions, so I asked for a sign of support. A light beam peeked through the sky and pierced above the horizon at that moment. The beautiful masculine sun revealed itself. I felt encompassed by this powerful energy as it embraced me during my difficulty. I was reminded that when we need guidance in some way, a light reveals itself through various forms. People and nature are natural light bearers...we simply need to find the courage to ask. I wish you a beautiful and connected day filled with light. (this image was taken from the hospital room)

Posted by Rebecca Prephan at 2022-08-16 15:59:31 UTC