Hello Saturday. I’m teaching a class a second part of a three part series on a wholeness celebration for empaths. Very exciting sometimes challenging because I don’t get as much in attendance as I would like but I basically teach how we heal ourselves by really explaining our minds work and all of our kind of quantum energy and that our thinking really does direct our lives often the unconscious part which is the most difficult sometimes to access and transform. Today I am talking about self-confidence and self trust and we’re talking about the power of the heart which is what I feel it has are born to expressing who they are. I’m looking forward to wonderful class no matter how many people and I’m trying not to worry about that and think that that has anything to do with me or that the spirit doesn’t like me because I’m not getting tons of people. It’s so challenging sometimes to be of The world but not in it or something in the world but not of it and to live in my spiritually and not to think everything is linear and one and one equals two when it comes to manifesting. So I wish all of you a wonderful day I wish all of you joy and I am sitting at Starbucks hoping to get myself into that place of spirit and joy so no matter who shows up today life is good

Posted by Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide at 2022-08-20 15:15:04 UTC