We mark a change of astrological season this week as we move into the final sign of summer! Venus has the weekly spot light! She is reminding us of our self worth, our values and how intertwined they are. We long to build connection and holding when we value ourselves and what we have to offer a community, yet when we lack in self love we can lash out. 8/22📞💀Mercury in Virgo is interested in what retrograde Pluto in Capricorn has to share right now about embodied earthly experience. Allow what is not absolutely needed to fall away into Pluto’s embrace. ☀️♍️The Sun moves into Virgo today kicking off part 3 of summer! Happy Virgo season to all the Virgo Suns out there. 8/23✨🐍🌅Hygiea in Scorpio trines the conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and fixed star Sirius in Cancer offering up a reminder of the depths of healing possible in our spiritual liberation. 8/24💐🧭Venus is Leo offers the choice point of fate or destiny as she squares of with the Nodes of Fate. Often the deepest act of self love is being in discomfort, destiny is not the known route. ⚡️Uranus in Taurus stations retrograde, this is an invitation to take some time to find your inner rebel, tapping into the genius within knowing when and where to move against the grain. 8/25☀️💥The Sun starts Virgo season with a stand-off to Mars in Gemini. The Sun who is shining the light on efficiency and managing all the details finds itself at odds with action oriented Mars perhaps moving too fast while trying to do too much. Seeing all the angles is great, take action only on what is most internally aligned. 8/26💐⚡️Venus in Leo squares change maker Uranus in Taurus, what radical changes can happen to one’s own self worth? 8/28💐🪐Venus in Leo opposes retrograde Saturn in Aquarius highlighting the ways our relationship to money, sex and power can create a distance and separation from the new structures of Cosmic Citizenship. 🐍🧭✨Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is sextile the North Node in Taurus highlighting the creative potency to be found in a world run on equality and truth. This places her trine with the South Node/Hygeia conjunction in Scorpio to support and expand the deep healing potential of loosening the grip and releasing. This week is asking us to bring our attention to our self worth and healing the places where our self worth is low. What ways do you demonstrate your own self love that helps you feel the love you have for yourself?❤️✨❤️✨❤️

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-08-22 21:12:20 UTC