I have a question, well maybe more of a observation and I would like to hear your feedback on this if you feel led. For years prior to knowing the terms Empath, Light Worker, Starseeds etc. I was one ... and now that the spotlight is being put on us as healers of both the planet and humanity ... doesn't mean we haven't been doing " it " all our lives. We just didn't know what to call " it " My observation is this. I believe that we, the healers will start to manifest at an accelerated rate because we have been putting out light into our vortex for decades. My mother was also an Empath however I know she never knew nor did I ever hear the term until many years later. I have a highly intuitive Empath granddaughter that I know will excel much more than I because I have taught her how to better operate in her gifts only in this wise ... acceptance, understanding ... etc I believe that we as human beings should do more of that ... just be. And because we have put so much good into our vortex not only for ourselves but all of mankind that we will begin to in some ways if not all ways ... just sit back and watch all of what we want need and desire to come to us because we have vibrated on a higher frequency all of our lives. Please share your thoughts and ideas on this for me. I think it will be very interesting to hear others insights 🥰

Posted by faith at 2022-08-29 00:04:32 UTC