This week all the current retrogrades have us revisiting things we may have set aside thinking that we could dust our hands of those challenges. All of these retrograde energies are gifting us the opportunity to slow down, even as the frequency increases. This calls to our ancient blood and the Mitochondrial Eve matrilineal wisdom and magic. 📞Mercury is in his pre-retrograde shadow and as he reminds us of the places we fail to communicate clearly or are not being honest about owning how we affect the whole, hold space for this first landing of information to settle. There is gold to be found. Doubling down on behaviors is not the answer. How can opening to another perspective soften things for the shift? 8/31💥👑Mars and retrograde Jupiter sextile, there is speed in this aspect as Jupiter is hanging out at Mars’ home. So The support to make a fast move is present. 9/2📞👑Mercury opposes retrograde Jupiter today. This tension of opposites could expand our listening skills as we seek balance. Communicating only work when there is a willingness to deeply listen. Can you expand your attention to listen without the mind running ahead? I will also be touching in with the Archetypal Astrology group about the shifting of the astrological ages and how we are each being called to midwife through this birth process. Consider joining me there to learn more!

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-08-30 17:43:56 UTC