Story time! Two years ago, I tough I conquered insomnia and then, after we buried my father I didn’t sleep for 4 days. 😔 Since then, I had been on antidepressants and sedatives. I worked with a very skillful psychiatrist that helped me find the right combination of meds that would help me fall asleep at night and not feel so drowsy in the morning. I honestly thought that it would take me less than a year to get off the meds and feel my best. Off course God has other plans! But thanks to my yoga therapy tools and my psychiatrist help, I’m officially of sedatives. Even do, I added melatonin and other natural remedies every time I lower my medication 💊 (in this case stop taking them) it takes me one or two weeks to adapt to this change. Is a hassle, but a very worth it one. Something I want to go back to them because is so much easier but my wiser self knows that in the long run is better not to take the pills. If you’re also taking sleep medication, be patient and trust your healing process. ❤️‍🩹 One of the best tools that has help me to fall asleep and not feel so tired when lowering my medication is Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is so simple to use and effective all I have to do is press play and listen. If you haven’t tried this yogic sleep gem 💎 💤 download now my free 10-min audio at and get ready for better sleep tonight! Avocado hugs, Monica

Posted by Monica Le Baron - Sleep💤 at 2022-09-01 23:21:00 UTC