Let’s live from intention. It has been said that intention is about the inner workings of our spirit. We intend love we intend success we intend kindness we intend prosperity. Expectations are about to head and about the world and they’re not necessarily going to happen. When you work from your heart and your spirit you were engaging God qualities. Let’s work from intention today. My intention is to write the best communication program that I am going to present next week. I intend to create a program that incorporates spirit and love and kindness along side the power of conscious communication. Have a wonderful Labor Day which I have renamed in intention day or a love day I don’t like the word labor so be in the present moment and enjoy it and forget about laboring that’s the past we don’t have to labor anymore we just have to allow the flow.

Posted by Diana Hartley Empath/HSP Guide at 2022-09-05 12:37:16 UTC