I usually have my morning tea in my Kindness Mug. But today, I thought I'd have my 'mourning' tea in my beautiful 1953 Queen Elizabeth II coronation mug, which Eric Revilious designed with his simple, elegant style. And this got me thinking. Each month I share what's Energetically heading our way, which I call the Energy Waves. In the Energy Waves for September, which you'll find on this link. https://shor.by/SeptemberEnergyWaves I said we'd be given echoes of 2020/21. Which was all about loss, letting go, separation, and, importantly, recognising what you value and what matters to you. However, I didn't imagine we'd be experiencing the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II. And what is, for some people, a deep sense of loss and perhaps a questioning of what we value. A word of advice. This time is designed to test us and help us grow. Test our ability to get on, show support, accept change, and see situations as neither back nor white. To stand as one and at the same time to stand in our power. These times make us focus on our identity, purpose, and what matters to us. Or, these events can bring up memories of the past and make us feel that perhaps some part of our history has been removed. And that might feel good, bad or sad. As I shared in the Energy Waves video. We're being given a chance to revisit, reassess and heal. A trap at this time is to think we have to do everything perfectly or that it should be compleated by now. That's not true. It's about engaging and having a go - but that's not always easy. We don't live in a black-and-white world, and many people around us are stressed. If this personal and human development phase stretches you or brings up stuff, lean into your friends and community. #bettertogether And remember, all the good people are here at Guidely for you too. So as the world spins, keep your feet on the ground and know we're in this together. Nick x PS. Look out for some new courses to help you! Or perhaps join the Energy Waves group on Guidely for more content. https://community.guidely.com/groups/NICKHAINES

Posted by Nicholas (Nick) Haines at 2022-09-09 17:19:19 UTC