Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow was in full effect this past week, as he stationed on Friday. Have a look at your chart if you have it to see what area of your life the messages are about. 9/4-5💐♍️ Venus enters Virgo, love up on the details! 9/6 🦚🧭Retrograde Juno in Pisces creates a sextile with Taurus North Node both are working towards destiny even if they don’t agree on the route. This puts Juno in a trine with Scorpio South Node reminding us that we came the Earth school to learn and that asks us to release old ways of doing and being to uncover the gifts of the South Node. 9/7 ☀️🌖📞The Sun in Virgo adds illumination and will power to yesterday’s aspect while the Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra spend a few hours supporting the emotional balance of galactic thinking within local action. 9/8 ☀️🐍The Sun in Virgo works together via a sextile with Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Where in your life do you have the will power to stand fiercely for radical truth and fierce love? 9/9📞⬅️ Mercury in Libra stations retrograde at 8°, for the next 3 plus week just plan to slow down. Read more carefully, listen with no search for a reply, plan in extra travel time, back up your data. 9/10🌕🌊Pisces Full Moon at 17° is peaking at 4:58 am central and is influenced by retrograde Neptune in Pisces. This is not a lunar transit of the mind, so time to get out of your head. Medusa in Sagittarius trine retrograde Eris in Aries, these two Dark Goddesses are supporting the internal truth that can be found in our own chaos. How can you open yourself to seeing more of your own shadow? 9/11☀️⚡️Sun in Virgo trine retrograde Uranus in Taurus this earth trine allows us access to the boots on the ground changes that can revolutionize our day to day lives if we lean in to the changes. This past week has been a time of deep self care, the invitation being to slow down and pay close attention to nourishment.

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-09-11 00:39:16 UTC