Mercury retrograde has been asking us to slow down, are you listening? Seasonally we are also being asked to check our life balance and start to turn inward as we move towards the Autumnal Equinox here in the northern hemisphere. 9/19💐⚡️ Venus in Virgo is trine retrograde Uranus in Taurus supporting a more embodied experience of joy. This can feel revolutionary in a world that ties our value to what we produce. What needs to happen to start to untie that connection? 9/21 😵❤️‍🔥🤰Medusa and Magdalene conjunct in Sagittarius while trine Ceres in Leo, the amount of transformational love in this aspect swells my heart as I feel into it. 9/22 ☀️♎️At 8:03pm central time the Sun moves into Libra marking the equinox and helping to initiate the seeking of a deeper sense of balance. Happy Libra Season! 9/23 📞💛Five plus hours after (1:50am central) the Sun shifts, Mercury will move into his inferior conjunction by entering into the heart of the Sun. This is called Cazimi and opens the pathway for deep and clear messaging. Pay attention to your dreams if your time zone has you sleeping when this shift occurs. Mercury returns home to Virgo. 9/24 💐🌊Venus in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Double check and then check again, slow down and be clear to prevent misunderstandings. Now is not the time to skate out, be present. 9/25🌑👑 New Moon in Libra bathing in the equinox energy and in an opposing orb to retrograde Jupiter. This marks the half way point of the astrological year, we sit balanced with half this year behind us and the other half unrolling before us. What lessons will carry forth and what can be offered gratitude and released? Want to hear more? Dive deeper? Join me in the Archetypal Astrology group and expand your relationship to the cosmos.

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-09-20 15:07:40 UTC