I hope the new moon in Libra early Sunday morning added a nourishing feel to your weekend. Yes, we are still in the grips of retrograde season, while entering eclipse season and trying to find a way through the tension of the revival of the Saturn-Uranus square and I want to remind everyone that being able to breathe into the interstitial space matters. ✨✨Soften into the energetic request to slow down and breath deeply. ✨✨ Looking more closely at the aspects today we have the Sun in Libra opposing retrograde Jupiter in Aries…this is a feeling of inflation. Not just in the economic sense, also about inflating our view. Growing the perspective so we are taking in both the micro and the macro. Thinking on a galactic or global level while acting locally. ☀️👑 Detailed oriented Virgo is hosting a meet up between Venus and retrograde Mercury. They will be examining the communication details of how we do relationship. Pay attention to how you speak to and about yourself (primary relationship), as well as how you speak to, think about and listen to others. 💐📞 ✨✨Be present with the reality, remember that Virgo is practical and grounded. ✨✨ The duo that meets up in Virgo will also be trine the depth and power of Pluto as he continues he retrograde journey in Capricorn. As the current ruler of the South Node this aspect could offer a glimpse of what this eclipse season holds for you. 💐📞💀 ✨✨Letting go can be a beautiful thing, even when we feel grief or pain about what we are releasing. The hurt reminds us we are alive.✨✨ I am making a shift in my astrological reporting and plan to offer more regular bite size pieces here in the main community and deeper dives in the Archetypal Astrology group. Join me there to catch the deeper dives, and practices. Like finding out what a mushroom has to do with all of this😉

Posted by Amiee Elizabeth at 2022-09-26 19:38:23 UTC