In my groups and 1-2-1 work, I often discuss the Energy Waves of this current time and share some extra thoughts and advice. Here's a helpful idea I shared recently about the October Energy Waves. Remember: Power Moves can be going on inside us as well as within the outside world. It may be that the "Power Moves - Old vs New & Right vs Wrong" is when you have an old version of yourself trying to maintain power. Not letting the new version of you step into its power by creating doubt about what is possible or your ability to achieve it. Power Moves aren't just happening in the outside world, they are happening within us too. Which part of you is going to be more powerful? The old or the new? Choose and Share. As we know, whatever we voice will have more power. You can share it here or in the Energy Waves Group.

Posted by Nicholas (Nick) Haines at 2022-10-06 12:28:19 UTC