Hola hola!!! Do you want more energy to be more productive in your business? In my experience, sleep is the fastest way to get your energy back! But, I'm sure you might be asking yourself: How can I sleep better to be more productive when is so hard to fall asleep in the first place? Should I be focusing on getting more hours of sleep better or better quality of sleep??? Is there any way I can power up and be more productive? In this conversation I had with my biz bestie and Sales Strategy Coach, Adriana Castillo, on her Be Bold Be Ambitious podcast, I answered all these questions, plus I offer fantastic tips to power up during the day, wake up fewer times at night, and wake up with more energy to accomplish everything you want to do in your day! 👂 ✨ Listen here 👉 https://www.adriana-castillo.com/podcast-episodes/the-simplest-tool-to-getting-more-done-in-your-business-with-monica-le-baron And please share it with a friend (and social) if you enjoy it! Avocado hugs, Monica

Posted by Monica Le Baron - Sleep💤 at 2022-10-28 02:34:23 UTC