I guess I have been MIA for so long I had to create a new profile. But I wanted to pop in say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE and shared what just happened to me. I went to the grocery store and wasn't sure if I was going to have enough to get what I wanted for tomorrow. It is hard enough being alone after losing my husband of 11 years October 23 2020. One of the store employees asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving? I said not much short of money and alone since my husband passed away. He said he wanted to Bless me with a small turkey already seasoned and ready to roast. But when he got up to the register, he paid for my ENTIRE BASKET 59.00 dollars and Simply said have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving just keep coming back. I managed to choke out I will I will I was crying so hard. God is Truly Jehovah Jireh Our Provider and IS SO AWESOMELY AMAZING/ FAITHFUL. PS for those who didn't know me I am on the left in my profile picture the Angel on the right is My Home Health Provider.

Posted by magickaltabbs at 2022-11-23 22:20:04 UTC