Hi Beatiful hearts/souls!!! A weekly message from the Divine and the Akasha for you! Connecting to Creator Of All That Is/Spirit/Source/God, Angels, Guides and the Akashic Records, I open my gifts as a messenger, witness, and a channel to bring messages to you. May you know and realize that you are never alone and you are so loved and supported!! No matter where you are on your journey, you are loved, supported and blessed! Blessings and love, Lisa J. I asked for a message in your highest love and light this week for you and this is what I received: “Oh Child of Mine Of Love and Light, Fear not change For that is your spiritual growth As a babe crawls To stumble Gain balance To walk- So you are as you move forward Fear not the bumps and bruises for Healing occurs as you find your way- Learn from your lessons/experiences Do not carry the pain with you- For as a waterfall power of might The stream then becomes a gentle flow Allow the force of it to purge, rinse, and cleans And then continue as it does- Move forward- We are here with you every step/stumble, or stand still Connect to your heart for that is where your light emanates Turn it up as you would a lantern For not only does this light show You your way But it also helps others on the journey too! Brave is courage and you have plenty! Take that next step- Fear not change and uncertainty For that is growth at hand Laugh, find joy in each day No matter how minute or simple Joy is Light Love is Light Believe for We are Here Ask and We are Here Walk in darkness, We are here Light will find your way through this No matter your journey at this point We are here- Breathe deeply Child For breath is Life Feel and fill with unconditional love- Shed the tears- allow grief to be released Welcome the release and cleanse- Regroup - breathe again Know We love and support you Blessings and love Child” much love to you! Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2022-12-16 12:53:58 UTC