A little verse I wrote some years ago to celebrate the Winter Solstice. To Embrace the Night It's time to capture your lost courage, true; don't run away so fast, my friend. Close your eyes and let the dark enfold you; time to embrace the night. Watch the piercing stars when the twilight dims. It's ok to be blinded by the spirit-light. Feel your fear and let it go on the wind. Reach to embrace the night. Open your ears to the whisper of God. Listen, listen with all your heart as She runs that melody right through your blood; time to embrace the night In the deep of the valley of shadow, when solitude looms overhead, be caressed by the unseen hands of love. Reach to embrace the night. No matter how long the night's duration, no matter how lonely your soul, dawn will awaken your inspiration beyond the reach of night. So, light up your sweet soul, my friend; time once more to embrace the night.

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2022-12-22 04:49:59 UTC