Hi beautiful hearts/souls! I am Lisa, a Guide here at Guidely. With love and gratitude, I connected to the Divine, Angels and the Akashic Records for a message for you. This is the message I was given for you. Love, Lisa J. soulfulmessenger@gmail.com “ Oh Child of Mine, Of love and light Have no fear No matter who you are with Or where you are, You are not alone! Reach into that heart space For that is truly where you are loved No matter the time and place You are never alone Look not around you but within you Your garden of growth is at hand So much bounty already exists for you Like a garden Pull gently and sort out the weeds The dead ides, the past relationships For not only do they not serve you, They hide the fruitful soil and growth that is occurring Feel the sun upon your soil For that is Us Feel the joyfulness of your play For that is also Divine Blessings Child For love abounds in so many places. Just take the small motions, The small step to see Look and feel with your soul We are here for you Blessings and love”

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2022-12-23 17:11:32 UTC