Blessings beautiful ones on these last days of this year! As a Guide here at Guidely, I connected to Creator of All That Is/God/Source/Spirit, the angels, guides and the Akasha. I was drawn to ask this question for all of you at this time. Where can I find joy in darkness? “Thru your heart For not only are you made of Divine light You are Divine Light Creator is everywhere As such, so light and joy Each breath is a connection to Spirit For breath is life Fear not Child fo the journeys is just that, A journey- Experiences in life to find You!! Unburden yourself from others pain For that pain is not yours- Cast away that prickly shell For not only does it keep others away It holds you from yourself- Light is to shine Not to contain Joy is simple Fun, effervescence! A Childs laugh and delight Find that within You!!! Its not lost, Only burdened and weighted down Open that chest of toys within you Feel the sun on your face Allow it to shine upon your soul For as a seed needs time to nurture and grow, You are of love, light and joy Give it nourishment to grow and shine! Feel your light and joy expand as you do simplify, Don’t complicate life This journey- There is joy in each movement The gratitude of choice The wonder of each day Rising sun Setting sun Smell the fragrance of life around you And within you Find joy in the simple nourishment of your body, mind, and soul laugh, giggle at You!!! The running thru raindrops The wonder of a snow flake The beautify of a flower blossoming The joy of music The grace and balance of dance The wonder of art in its many forms The delicacy of taste The joy of smell The happiness of new chances Each breath is joy Be Blessed- for joy is found In the simplest of things As you see it with new clarity The lights starts banishing darkness For only light opens up darkness Allowing you to see, feel, and experience The beauty and wonder of light! Joy! As water flows thru your hands and fingertips The ability to see the flow is joy in change In celebration of life We walk with you my Child In ever moment and breath Simply me- be open to feel Be open to experience Shed away the cloak of despair, worry, and fear Allow the weights to be removed For life is Now Joy is Here, within and surrounding you For it is everywhere Blessings ad love Child of Mine, Joy is YOU!!!” blessings and love to all! Lisa J

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2022-12-30 21:15:25 UTC