Hi beautiful hearts! I am Lisa, one of your guides. As a Certified Akashic Records Reader, I asked the Akasha for a message for you to lift you up on love and light. This is the message I received for you! Blessings and love to each of you!!! Lisa J “Of Child of Mine, Fear not change For as we move forward Change must occur But like a stone That has no apparent movement, It sure does! Slow and steady, For the earth beneath it will change And will experience shifting on its surface From the elements Do not Reist change For it will pull you and create Stressors that may not be warranted Be open to change For that is the journey of life We walk with you on this journey The uncomfortableness as you do will pass Like growing pains of a teenager Each brings forth changes and maturity To stay in place Is to suffer stagnation No movement, No growth Restricting ideas and manifestation See Child The suffering and pain The uncomfortableness Its only you letting go that which you know No need to feel the unworthiness For you are so worthy!!! Each one of you such a blessing!! Like a child awaiting permission to play, No permission is needed! A seed is placed in soil, darkness to grow Only when it is strong enough and change occurs as it breaks thru the surface of the soil! Many of you are in this phase expanding, new roots growing Be patient Beautiful One! For the mystery of creation is always occurring Know the sun/light guides you Think not of the past right now, But of today!! Feel the vibrancy of life As it flows thru your viens Experience the uncomfortableness of growth For there is joy in what you are becoming!!! Chose TODAY!! Choose NOW!!! Breathe in life and love For it is within YOU!! And Surrounds You!!! Like the garden with seeds planted Be aware that the weeds are Not suffocating you or hinder your growth Turn away from them Gently prune them Seek to change your environment Be healthy in your growth Its ok to do so For you are One You are I AM! As a piece of the Divine, Allow your Divinity to Shine! Rest, self care, nourishment Be of peace Acknowledge You!! Your Light Drink of love, joy and wonder! Rest well my Child, For growth is at hand. We support you We walk with you We Are of You! Ask and you shall receive For only in your highest is truly your path! Blessings and love Child, We are always here for You!!!”

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-01-07 13:53:39 UTC