Your archetypal guide for today is the Hero. They are confident, third eye open to see all the situations where they can help others with both Bear and Boar power to protect what they value most. What do you look to protect today in your life? Loved ones, self, world changing principles? These oracle cards arrive via Ravynne Phelan and her Dreams of Gaia Tarot. She's changed so much of the original Tarot deck structure that I prefer to use a single card as my special guide for the day. As she says on the back cover of the guidebook: "To seek . . . to feel . . . to grow . . . to heal." Sounds so much like what Guidely is all about. 😊 I'd love to hear from any of you about how you see this image and its symbolism. Lots of symbols here to get messages from.

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-01-09 19:58:12 UTC