Want to create an impactful vision board for 2023 that will actually get you what you want? 🤩 Follow Guide @Jerome Imhoff's 3 steps to create to the perfect vision board: 💛 1️⃣ Take some time to be very quiet and meditate on the question, “What would I love?” Ask Spirit/Guide/God/Universe to guide you to your higher purpose as you reflect on what you would love in the most important aspects of your life: vocation, relationships/connections, service, creativity/spirituality, abundance/prosperity. Keep in mind that your vision is not yours alone. It is the way Spirit is calling to be made manifest through you in service to the world. 2️⃣ Select one word to represent your vision for each area of your life. For example, for relationships, your single word might be “empathy.” Write an affirmation that expands this vision. “I am responding to others with empathy and understanding.” 3️⃣ Select an image or create an image to represent this vision and prayerfully add it to the board as you see yourself embodying empathy in your relationships. Interested in making your own? Here’s the link to watch Jerome's Super-Charged Vision Boards event replay for free 👇

Posted by Guidely at 2023-01-14 18:11:55 UTC