Blessings to each of you! As a Guide at Guidely, I asked the Divine, Anglels, Guides and the Akasha for a message for you today. Connecting to the Akashic Records, this is a message for each of you in your highest love and light. Lisa J "Oh child of mine, we walk with you, Know in your darkest times we are always with you, Fear not the unknown For that is when we are loving and supporting you in the most powerful way, Our love is unwavering, Fear not the past or the choices not taken For in reflection, can you see the ability to make changes in your life. Each day brings you the ability to move in directions only you can imagine. For the river is flowing of possibilities, Only you can make the choices to fight the flow or give into hope and dreams to move forward If you choose to fight what is love and light, the struggle is real Change is not always easy You are letting go of what is known, What is not safe at times But what is safety? Its an illusion of choice For amongst the fears of self talk, the -feelings of unworthiness, the -Not good enough, the -I can’t do this The- I’m have no choices and much more Is the sun rising on new days, New possibilities, New growth!! For a seed planted is beneath the soil, Trusting in the process, it grows and changes in faith Like a seed, you are being asked to trust, To have faith To realize you are loved and supported Push thru the uncomfortableness of the growth For when you do, you allow your self to stretch and expand in ways that you never thought you could do! Change the thought process Think in terms of I am! For as a Divine being You are part of the Divine Gold within you No matter the past or the choices you have made. Let the binding past go! For as you do you are able to see today As the light and preciousness as it is. Breath child, Breathe in that unconditional love For that is what you are made of and supported !! Take the time to laugh and giggle, for life is precious and we love you!!! Fear not the recriminations and scorn from others, For as you make changes, You grow in your unlimited possibilities and potential many fear that For as you do, you step into who you really are, Cast off the expectations of others, For this is your journey!!! Take the time to adjust your vision For it may seem be too bright, But thats because you have been looking backward instead of to the Now To the future!!! Put on the soul glasses and see clearly! You are loved and supported! Blessings child You are not alone!!!” Reach out! Let us welcome the change and see how we blossom and expand daily!!!

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-01-19 22:23:24 UTC