Hi beautiful hearts! I am Lisa, a Guide here at Guidely. With certifications as an Angel Alchemist, ThetaHealing, Serpahim Blueprint practitioner, and a Reader for the Akashic Records, I asked the Divine, Angles, Guides and Akasha for a message for you for this week. Connecting to the Akashic Records, I asked what message is here for you in your highest love and light for this week. This is the message I received. “Let go Child, For as you hold on to the past You anchor yourself Not allowing the healing, Love, and opportunities to flow in abundance. Like a child holding onto a tattered blanket, The use is no longer true- So much is being missed as You concentrate on holding on To broken parts, bits and pieces Of the past- It no longer defines you, Like a life jacket helps in Times of storm, Keeping you a float It hinders your movement When all is clear- Nothing is lost when you Release the past, The safety is an illusion Fall into the Now The Today For as you do You are expanding in many ways That are immeasurable Like taking a shower, Only when you cleanse do You realize how much your Carrying and releasing Be kind to your self Stop the doubts and Self casterations For We love you in you entirety! Unique as simply YOU! Choose the freedom of life Freedom of love Freedom of YOU! Fear not the pain For it is temporary It is you finally releasing Emotions Let the tears cleanse As they come forward- Let the grief you carry Be released to follow its course Then Rejoice! For Today Is! I AM I LOVE I CHOOSE! Remember you are a Child of the Divine Learn as you move forward You are loved in your Entirety Be safe For we surround you And support you No matter your journey Or choices, As a parent to a child We walk with you- Open to Joy Open to laughter Open to love Share that Divine light Brightly For not only is it you But is shines so that you Are moving forward And to shine the light for others to see There are no mistakes Only choices- Choose again! Learn to let go We love you Beautiful Light Rest in knowing you are so loved For as in life It is not a race Its a journey Be well Child For you are Blessed Each moment of this journey Blessings and love, We are here for you”

Posted by Lisa Jones at 2023-01-26 17:22:04 UTC