Welcome to the first signs of abundance to come, the first milk of the ewes, the stirrings of life beneath the snows, the only-six-more-weeks until Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. “Imbolc” or “Imbolg” means “in the belly” and refers to the season where sheep and goats are carrying their young, the first domesticated mammals to be born in early spring. One good way to break through the cold fog of spring’s early morning and expose what might be striving in the womb of your heart is to contemplate some questions. Try out these questions I’ve developed to see what sorts of creative breakthroughs you can find (you can simply meditate on the possibilities, or write in your journal, or use them as a 5-card spread for intuitive cards or runes, etc. and see what bubbles up from your subconscious or the collective ethers): 1) As it seems: What’s on the surface? Is it crusty or soft with new rain from released emotions? Where’s your obstacle to growth, or has it just now dissolved? 2) As you will: Reveal your great desire, that push to see the sun. Why do you want to grow into something new? 3) As you feel: How does it feel to stretch and grow past those barriers? Tears or laughter? Or deepest calm? 4) As you move: Will it be all easy and flow, or will you be “ripping out” and starting over more than once? 5) As you are: What is really inside you that longs to see the sun? And if you’d like to share, I’d love to see your responses in the comments!

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-02-01 22:50:22 UTC