Blessings on this Full “Snow” Moon in Leo day! The traditional energies associated with the constellation of the Lion are an expansive mind and heart, and a love of the spotlight. The full moon archetype calls upon us to count up our wins for the month before the Moon’s energy wanes into rest again. Good questions to ask your inner Leo self under this Moon: 1. Where have I begun to glisten over the past month (like the snow in sunlight)? 2. How has my intuition (it’s a Moon thing) guided me, and how can I use it more over this coming month? 3. What one thing can I let go of that keeps me from my full creative expression? I recommend self-reflection on these questions, or if you like to use tools like cards or pendulums, or tea leaves, etc., you can use those to access what you already know in your subconscious. Also, dancing and roaring your answers will give them a lot more power. Go ahead!

Posted by Joanne Sprott at 2023-02-05 20:08:08 UTC